Another great competition held in the iconic Blackpool Tower Ballroom, a big congratulations to all our winners this year!

If you’d like to have a chance at the top spot this year, have a look at our competition categories or head over to the tickets and event passes page. Every year is a huge success and places sometimes fill quickly so get booking and ensure you reserve your place to compete!


  • Ekow Oduro and Danni Moore
  • Matt Blain and Victoria Pollard
  • Martin Bendle and Natasha Davies
  • Matt Kavanagh and Emily Richardson
  • Matt Cox and Sarah Lawrence
  • Steve Smith and Nicola Smith

Open Jack n Jill

  • Ekow Oduro and Jen Hoy
  • Matt Cox and Danni Moore
  • Gary Stubbs and Natasha Davies
  • Matt Kavanagh and Jenni Harrison
  • Steve Smith and Lyndsey Bennett
  • Martin Bendle and Victoria Pollard
  • Johnathon gammon and Chloe Winzar


  • Matt Cox and Sarah Lawrence
  • Jamie Eddy and Jen Hoy
  • Mark Wilson and Sadie Morris
  • Gary Riseborough and Jenni Harrison
  • Callum Martindale and Rebecca Bowden
  • Herbie Bastien and Alexandra Cooper-Bastien
  • Mark Winter and Andrea Twamley

Take a Chance

  • Gary Stubbs and Terri Mclaughlin
  • Joe Toko and Jen Hoy
  • Matt Kavanagh and Joanna Komar
  • Steve Smith and Emily Kemp
  • Sam Hart and Sharon marks
  • Jamie Eddy and Hannah Lonsdale

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  • Chris Bailey and Amy Welmers
  • Max Wakeham and Louise Missen
  • Andrew bell and Emily Papaspyru
  • Samson Chan and Zoe Lawrenson
  • Andrew Woodhams and Laura Evans
  • Jonny Furze and Cate Jackson

Advanced Jack n Jill

  • Max Wakeham and Amy Welmers
  • Chris Bailey and Stephanie Oram
  • Andrew Bell and Natalie Walls
  • Samson Chan and Joanna Komar
  • David Wood and Tracy Booth
  • Nick Walls and Cate Jackson
  • Kevin Hyde and Kim Lane


  • Alex Burgess and Emily Potts
  • Steve Betts and Francesca Tideswell
  • Shaun Davis and Sian Pollard
  • James Boys and Leila Frodsham
  • Christopher Turk and Victoria Watmore
  • Ruth Wiggins and Georgina Eaton

Intermediate Jack n Jill

  • Lukas Gleaser and Sian Pollard
  • Richard Swann and Victoria Watmore
  • Andy Lu and Becca Ellis
  • Rick Stafford and Georgina Eaton
  • Will Middlemore and Jacqui Sheward
  • Niel Trudgeon and Sofia Brown
  • Jay Chuan Herg Low and Rose Murray

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  • Mark Winter and Andrea Twamley
  • Phil Edge and Lynne Pearson
  • Steve Ledsham and Claire Morris
  • Kevin Hyde and Helen Beck
  • Neil Bradley and Helen Ramsden
  • Matthew Brooke and Suzanne Berson

Sophisticate Plus

  • Garry Dunn and Pam Slater
  • Andy Lam and Jo Thorpe
  • Michael Green and Jennifer Green
  • Philip Colebourne and Diane Richards
  • Chris Williams and Nicola Brackup
  • Stephen Cirell and Delma Paling

Double Trouble

  • Matt Cox, Sarah Lawrence, Nicola Smith
  • Samson Chan, Nat J, Georgia Traher
  • Barry Watson, Zoe Lawrenson, Stephanie Oram
  • Steven Betts, Tracy Booth, Julie Duane
  • Christine Watson, Janice Simpson, Linda Williams

Pro Am Intermediate Followers

  • Helen Ireland
  • Sofia Brown
  • Francesca Tideswell

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Pro Am Intermediate Leaders

  • Andy Lu
  • Rick Stafford
  • Andy Lam

Pro Am Advanced Followers

  • Fran Carroll
  • Stephanie Oram
  • Zoe Lawrenson

Pro Am Advanced Leaders

  • Max Wakeham
  • Samson Chan
  • Joe Toko


  • Kenny Ranns and Samantha Weavers
  • Lukas Gleaser and Eleanor Kent
  • Will Middlemore and Martha Mclaughlin
  • Jay Chuan Herng Low and Andrea Tyson
  • Ciaran Guy and Ellen Baker
  • Alistair Jacklin and Hanna harding
  • Kami Nezhati and Dawn Slater
  • Brian Roberts and Jean Roberts
  • Francesca Bayley and Coco Chan

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