• Ekow Oduro and Dannie Moore
  • Gary Stubbs and Jen Hoy
  • Matt Blain and Victoria Pollard
  • Samuel Hart and Jamie Stormer
  • Matt Kavanagh and Emily Richardson
  • Mark Oxley and Sarah Hawkes

Jack n Jill Open

  • Matt Evans and Jen Hoy
  • Martin Bendle and Danni Moore
  • Ekow Oduro and Emily Richardson
  • Jamie Stormer and Vitoria Pollard
  • Matt Blain and Magda Baginska
  • Gary Riseborough and Lyndsey Bennett


  • Agata Skowronska and Magda Baginska
  • Mark Wilson and Sadie Morris
  • Herbie Bastien and Alexandra Bastien

Take A Chance

  • Gary Riseborough and Amy Welmers
  • Matt Cox and Natalie Walls
  • Gary Stubbs and Sian Pollard
  • Matt Kavanagh and Sarah Price
  • Steve Ledsham and Julie Duane
  • Adam Deller and Emily Kemp

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Advanced MJ

  • Steven Smith and Nicola Smith
  • Chris Bailey and Amy Welmers
  • Andrew Bell and Emily Papaspyru
  • Robert Stevenson and Ilona Hurrell
  • Matthew Brooke and Rebecca Green
  • Craig Hawtree and Sophia Nunn

Jack n Jill Advanced

  • Steven Smith and Lynne Pearson
  • Matt Cox and Sophia Nunn
  • Alistair Nunn-Price and Amy Welmers
  • Scott Freeman and Cara Chivers
  • Chris Bailey and EmilyPapaspyru
  • Mark Winter and Briallen Jones

Intermediate MJ

  • Stephen Rendell and Kim lane
  • Andrew Woodhams and Laura Evans
  • Joe Wang and Nicola Guderley
  • Max Wakeham and Louise Missen
  • Graham Aiken and Stephanie Oram
  • Samson Chan and Fran Carroll

Jack n Jill Intermediate

  • Samson Chan and Natalie Walls
  • Max Wakeham and Stephanie Oram
  • Joe Wang and Emily Kemp
  • Shane Pathmanathan and Beth Caygill
  • Adrian Potter and Sian Pollard
  • Adam Sidat and Rose Murray

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  • Mark Winter and Andrea Twamley
  • Steve Ledsham and Claire Morris
  • Alistair Nun-Price and Barbara Coole
  • Graham Fieldhouse and Krysia Materski
  • Neil Bradley and Helen Ramsden
  • Nigel Mortimer and Tanya Bullimore

Sophisticated Plus

  • Phil Colebourne and Diane Richardson
  • Jonathon Reeve and Jennie Reeve
  • Gary Dunn and Pam Slater
  • Billy Smith and Norma Smith
  • Nick Bell and Jane Sampson
  • Chris Williams and Nicola Brackup

Team Cabaret

  • Welsh Dragons
  • Cutting It Fine


  • Adrian Potter and Amy Welmers
  • Antony Kitchener and Cara Chivers
  • Herbie Bastien and Alexandra Bastien

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Double Trouble

  • Matt Cox, Nicola Smith, Lana Smith
  • Raymond Elcoate, Joyce Cavanagh, Tara Ridley
  • Mark Oxley, Janice Simpson, Linda Williams

ProAm Intermediate Followers

  • Laura Evans
  • Beth Caygill
  • Claire Warren
  • Louise Missen
  • Kim Lane
  • Leigh Farrar

ProAm Intermediate Leaders

  • Samson Chan
  • Stephen rendell
  • Barry Watson
  • Rick Stafford
  • Steve Mitchell
  • Xavier Morizot

ProAm Advanced Followers

  • Joanne Komar
  • Barbara Coole
  • Cara Chivers
  • Briallen Jones
  • Stella Richards
  • Nicola Smith

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ProAm Advanced Leaders

  • Steven Smith
  • Matt Cox
  • Kevin Hyde
  • Scott Freeman
  • Mark Dwelly
  • Alistair Nunn-Price