WMJC Competition Results 2017

WMJC Blackpool

ProAm Intermediate Followers

  • Rachel Molloy
  • Zoe Barbery
  • Hannah Stephens

ProAm Intermediate Leaders

  • Peter Nichol
  • Mike Came
  • Will Middlemoore

ProAm Advanced Followers

  • Zara-Louise Pentney
  • Ashton Hargreaves
  • Charlotte Bass

ProAm Advanced Leaders

  • Kyle Hargreaves
  • Pete Campion
  • Andrew Bell
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WMJC 2016 Competition Results

WMJC Blackpool

Another great competition held in the iconic Blackpool Tower Ballroom, a big congratulations to all our winners this year! If you’d like to have a chance at the top spot this year, have a look at our competition categories or head over to the tickets and event passes page. Every year is a huge success and places sometimes fill quickly … See Full Results


  • Ekow Oduro and Danni Moore
  • Matt Blain and Victoria Pollard
  • Martin Bendle and Natasha Davies

Open Jack n Jill

  • Ekow Oduro and Jen Hoy
  • Matt Cox and Danni Moore
  • Gary Stubbs and Natasha Davies


  • Matt Cox and Sarah Lawrence
  • Jamie Eddy and Jen Hoy
  • Mark Wilson and Sadie Morris

Take a Chance

  • Gary Stubbs and Terri Mclaughlin
  • Joe Toko and Jen Hoy
  • Matt Kavanagh and Joanna Komar
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WMJC 2015 Competition Results

WMJC Blackpool


  • Ekow Oduro and Dannie Moore
  • Gary Stubbs and Jen Hoy
  • Matt Blain and Victoria Pollard

Jack n Jill Open

  • Matt Evans and Jen Hoy
  • Martin Bendle and Danni Moore
  • Ekow Oduro and Emily Richardson


  • Agata Skowronska and Magda Baginska
  • Mark Wilson and Sadie Morris
  • Herbie Bastien and Alexandra Bastien

Take A Chance

  • Gary Riseborough and Amy Welmers
  • Matt Cox and Natalie Walls
  • Gary Stubbs and Sian Pollard
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WMJC 2014 Competition Results

WMJC Blackpool

Open MJ

  • Gary Stubbs and Jen Hoy
  • Matt Shaw and Ellen Dacombe
  • Mark Kerr and Lyndsey Chivers


  • Simon Rich and Lucy Barlow
  • Jamie Stormer and Gary Stubbs
  • Gary Riseborough and Jenni Harrison

Open Jack n Jill

  • Gary Stubbs and Sophie Beasant
  • Gary Riseborough and Ellen Dacombe
  • Matt Blain and Lyndsey Chivers

Advanced Jack n Jill

  • Graham Fieldhouse and Natasha Davies
  • Matt Ellis and Victoria Pollard
  • Craig Walker and Julie Duane
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