WMJC Competition Results 2023

WMJC Blackpool

Congratulations to the Winners and those who placed.

Pro Am Intermediate Follow

  • Dorota Czubat
  • Jasmine Usher
  • Shannon Finn

Pro Am Intermediate Lead

  • Ryan White
  • Shahid Hussain
  • Scott Staple

Pro Am Advanced Follow

  • Ellie Saunders
  • Angela Wood
  • Anna Campbell

Pro Am Advanced Lead

  • Gavin Jones
  • Steve Tyrrell
  • Richard Jervis
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WMJC 2022 Competition Results

WMJC Blackpool

A whopping £3,160 was raised from the Dance for Ukraine, Friday freestyle entry money and donations at the weekend! Thank you everyone who took part and who very generously donated. Our Just Giving page is still open for donations, if you wish to contribute Just Giving WMJC Dance for Ukraine

Dance for Ukraine J&J

  • Helen Blundell and Matt Evans

Pro-Am Intermediate Follow

  • Joanna Hutchinson
  • Shannon Finn
  • Aleshia Harrison

Pro-Am Intermediate Lead

  • Richard Jervis
  • Paul Airey
  • Gennaro Coppolaro

Pro-Am Advanced Follow

  • Sarah Martin Sanchez
  • Paige Airey
  • Ruth Lu
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WMJC 2019 Competition Results

WMJC Blackpool

ProAM Intermediate Female

  • Emily Dry
  • Lauren Marks
  • Lauren Haughton

ProAm Intermediate Male

  • James Tucker
  • Mark Ellis
  • Matthew Hall

Pro Am Advanced Male

  • Prayaas Sharma
  • James Johnson
  • Jay Low

ProAm Advanced Female

  • Rachel White
  • Beth Caygill
  • Bethan Gibbs
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WMJC 2018 Competition Results

WMJC Blackpool

ProAm Intermediate Female

  • Siam Kirkham
  • Natalie Cropp
  • Bethan Price

ProAm Intermediate Male

  • Prayash Sharma
  • Jay Low
  • Bruce Gutteridge

ProAm Advanced Female

  • Alice Rutter
  • Tash Williams
  • Hannah Stephens

ProAm Advanced Male

  • Rasika Godawatte
  • Mike Came
  • Kyle Hargreaves
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WMJC 2017 Competition Results

WMJC Blackpool

ProAm Intermediate Followers

  • Rachel Molloy
  • Zoe Barbery
  • Hannah Stephens

ProAm Intermediate Leaders

  • Peter Nichol
  • Mike Came
  • Will Middlemoore

ProAm Advanced Followers

  • Zara-Louise Pentney
  • Ashton Hargreaves
  • Charlotte Bass

ProAm Advanced Leaders

  • Kyle Hargreaves
  • Pete Campion
  • Andrew Bell
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WMJC 2016 Competition Results

WMJC Blackpool

Another great competition held in the iconic Blackpool Tower Ballroom, a big congratulations to all our winners this year! If you’d like to have a chance at the top spot this year, have a look at our competition categories or head over to the tickets and event passes page. Every year is a huge success and places sometimes fill quickly … See Full Results


  • Ekow Oduro and Danni Moore
  • Matt Blain and Victoria Pollard
  • Martin Bendle and Natasha Davies

Open Jack n Jill

  • Ekow Oduro and Jen Hoy
  • Matt Cox and Danni Moore
  • Gary Stubbs and Natasha Davies


  • Matt Cox and Sarah Lawrence
  • Jamie Eddy and Jen Hoy
  • Mark Wilson and Sadie Morris

Take a Chance

  • Gary Stubbs and Terri Mclaughlin
  • Joe Toko and Jen Hoy
  • Matt Kavanagh and Joanna Komar
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WMJC 2015 Competition Results

WMJC Blackpool


  • Ekow Oduro and Dannie Moore
  • Gary Stubbs and Jen Hoy
  • Matt Blain and Victoria Pollard

Jack n Jill Open

  • Matt Evans and Jen Hoy
  • Martin Bendle and Danni Moore
  • Ekow Oduro and Emily Richardson


  • Agata Skowronska and Magda Baginska
  • Mark Wilson and Sadie Morris
  • Herbie Bastien and Alexandra Bastien

Take A Chance

  • Gary Riseborough and Amy Welmers
  • Matt Cox and Natalie Walls
  • Gary Stubbs and Sian Pollard
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WMJC 2014 Competition Results

WMJC Blackpool

Open MJ

  • Gary Stubbs and Jen Hoy
  • Matt Shaw and Ellen Dacombe
  • Mark Kerr and Lyndsey Chivers


  • Simon Rich and Lucy Barlow
  • Jamie Stormer and Gary Stubbs
  • Gary Riseborough and Jenni Harrison

Open Jack n Jill

  • Gary Stubbs and Sophie Beasant
  • Gary Riseborough and Ellen Dacombe
  • Matt Blain and Lyndsey Chivers

Advanced Jack n Jill

  • Graham Fieldhouse and Natasha Davies
  • Matt Ellis and Victoria Pollard
  • Craig Walker and Julie Duane
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